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12/05 Boyajian: Facing History, ADL and Silence of The Lambs
11/01 Boyajian: Open Letter to the Genocide Education Project
10/25 Letter: Facing History Responds
10/24 Boyajian: An Open Letter to Facing History and Ourselves
10/09 Zaman: ‘Hate crime legislation a must to combat hate crimes’
05/31 Haaretz: Knesset Speaker working to boost recognition of Armenian genocide
05/16 Asbarez: Irritants XIV
04/12 Watertown Tab: Column: ADL the big bully on the block
04/11 Boston Globe:Replacement of ADL message with Armenian genocide billboard "unintentional"


10/12 Boston Globe: Letter: Genocide position an unsettled question
10/08 Boston Globe: ADL leader criticized over N.Y. mosque
08/31 Armenian Weekly: State Treasurer Candidate Speaks out on Armenian Issues
08/27: Haaretz: The ADL has lost its way under Abe Foxman
08/08 New Voices: The Reading List: Sunday Brunch – ADL self-destruct continues
08/06 Boston Globe: Return to the roots of ADL
08/04 Brooklyn Daily Eagle: ADL’s Stand on Ground Zero Mosque Is Wrong
08/03 JPost: Should ADL oppose the Ground Zero Mosque
08/02 Dailyinsights: Anti-Defamation League Goes Pro
07/31 The Daily Kos: ADL Joins the Racists. Again.
07/21 Needham Times: Needham man, Michael Sheetz, joins ADL New England leadership
07/02 Jewish Times: Turkey’s Tarnish
06/18 Huffington Post: Abe Foxman: The Tragic Fraying of the Turkey-Israel Relationship
06/17 Haaretz: U.S. Jewish groups skip meeting with Turkish officials
06/17 The Jewish Week: The Gaza flotilla, Turkey - and some ugly talk about the Armenian Genocide
06/16 Asbarez: ADL, B’nai B’rith Boycott Turkey Meeting
06/16 Salon: Suddenly, the Israel lobby discovers a genocide
06/08 Washington Times: American Jewish community ends support of Turkish interests on Hill
05/23 Armenian Weekly: Human Rights Coalition Online Campaign for Genocide Recognition Reaches 10,000 Signatures
03/25 Asbarez: ADL’s Foxman Calls Genocide Bill ‘Counterproductive Diversion’
03/25 APA: Foxman: Congressional resolution a counterproductive diversion
03/10 Forward: Jewish Lobby Sits Out Vote On Armenian Genocide
03/07 JPost: Turkey snubs Israeli aid on Armenian Genocide resolution
03/05 JPost: 'Turkey didn't seek Israel's help'
03/04 Lexington Minuteman: Commentary: Coalition launches petition to recognize the Armenian Genocide
03/02 Hurriyet: Jewish group opposes Armenian 'genocide' bill
03/02 Armenian Weekly: JINSA: The ‘Armenian Resolution’ Should be Opposed and Defeated
03/02 Aysor: Ankara may make concessions if U.S. doesn’t recognize Genocide
02/16 UMA: UMA Hosts March 8th Talk by Official Fired for Speaking Out on Recognition of the Armenian Genocide
02/03 Armenian Weekly: Armenian, Jewish Leaders Launch Grassroots Petition for Genocide Recognition
01/19 Today's Zaman: No change in ADL position regarding Armenian issue
01/19 APA: ADL against “Armenian genocide” resolutions
01/16 Jerusalem Post: US Jewish leaders vexed by Turkey's hostility towards Israel
01/16 Armenian Weekly: Nazarian to Coakley: Armenian American Community Understandably Hesitant
01/14 Newton Tab: Martha Coakley criticized for accepting Anti-Defamation League award
01/08 Hurriyet: The new Israel lobby: A shifting balance in Turkey-Israel-US relations?


11/05 IJN: All that lying about the Armenian genocide did not help
11/01 Hurriyet: Foxman: Israeli-Turkish friendship to overcome tension
09/22 Today's Zaman:NY hosts meeting between Erdoğan, US-Jewish groups after Davos spat
08/29 Jerusalem Post: Denying the "other" Holocaust
08/07 The American Prospect: The Decline of the ADL
06/05 Asbarez: UC Santa Barbara Students Confront ADL’s Genocide Denial
05/26 Daily Nexus: Letter: ADL Lacks Moral High Ground in Robinson Case
05/20 FrontPageMag: Islamists' Unlikely Ally: the ADL

04/29 Forward: Hopes Dashed as Obama Avoids Calling Mass Killings of Armenians ‘Genocide’
03/25 Jerusalem Post: US Jews may be ready to step into Armenian genocide debate
03/13 Asbarez: Excerpts from speech by Andrew Tarsy at Bay Area ANC banquet
03/12 Easton Journal: Human Rights, Green committees set in Easton
03/11 Chycho's Blog: The Armenian Genocide: Facts, Players, Two Documentaries, The Truth With Obama, and ADL vs. The City of Watertown, Massachusetts
03/05 The Armenian Weekly: ANC Alerts Hampshire College to its association with Genocide denier

02/24 The Guardian: Iran sought Turkey's help to mend links with US, says Erdogan
02/16 Haaretz: A cynical use of morality
02/13 The Armenian Weekly: Turkey vs. Israel and the Armenian Question
02/12 Jerusalem Post: Essay: Genocide by any international standard
02/07 Azg Daily: Facing History
02/04 New York Times: Gaza War Created Rift Between Israel and Turkey
02/04 Forward: Support for Turkey Dips After Davos Blowup
02/03 Today's Zaman: Turkey not fretting over possible ‘genocide’ blow after Davos storm

01/30 Eurasia Daily Monitor: Yet Another Crisis in Turkey-Israel Relations
01/30 Asbarez: Gaza a Tool for Turkey's Great Game in Middle East
01/29 Huffington Post: Major American-Jewish Organizations may no Longer Back Turkey in Congress
01/29 The Economist: The special relationship between the Turkish and Jewish states is at risk
01/29 Armenian Reporter: Jewish Americans “gravely distressed” with Turkey, which in turn is upset with Israel

01/28 The Nation: The Defamation League
01/28 Newton Tab: Letter: Jews are more critical of ADL than Armenians
01/23 The Globe and Mail: Israel, Turkey and the politics of genocide
01/23 Asbarez: US Jewish Groups Slam Turkey for Anti-Semitism, Threaten to Cut Lobbying Efforts
01/23 PanArmenian.Net: Jewish organizations in U.S. concerned over anti-Semitism outburst in Turkey
01/21 Newton Tab: Letters to the Editor

01/16 Asbarez: Angered by Turkish Criticism over Gaza, Israel May Recognize Armenian Genocide
01/13 Newton Tab: Letter: Armenian Genocide and the ADL
01/06 Newton Tab: Letter: Mr. Boyajian should leave Jews out of it

12/24 Newton Tab: Boyajian: Newton is no place for swastikas or ADL hypocrisy
12/11 Lowell Sun: Armenian Genocide survivor brings history alive for Wilmington students
12/10 Belmont Citizen-Herald: Boyajian: Massachusetts is no place for swastikas or ADL hypocrisy

12/06 Cape Cod Times: Letter: County should sever link with national ADL
12/06 Cape Cod Times: Letter: ADL must put aside its Turkophile agenda
12/06 Cape Cod Times: Letter: Human rights panel can't cherry-pick collaboration
12/02 Cape Cod Times: Human Rights Panel Flouts Mandate

11/06 The Forward: Effort To Align Jewish Community With Turkey on Genocide Angers Armenian Activists
11/01 AZG Armenian Daily: American Jewish Official Retires after Long Anti-Armenian Campaign

10/23 Mirror Spectator: Watertown Council President OK With ADL Position on Genocide
10/23 Boston Globe: Watertown fight flares anew

10/21 ANCA: Turkey Hires Lobby Firm to Sway Jewish American Groups

10/20 ANCM: ANC Responds to Watertown Town Councilor’s Remarks in Boston Globe
10/20 Watertown Blog: Is Watertown really “reassured” over the Armenian Genocide?
10/19 Boston Globe: ADL statement on Armenian genocide reassures Watertown
10/10 Watertown Tab: Watertown group is unhappy with Blue Cross response over Armenian Genocide question
10/10 Watertown Tab: Blue Cross responds to the Armenian National Committee of Massachusetts

10/08 Jewish Chronicle: Letter: Article wrong about ADL's Armenian genocide 'reversal'
10/03 Watertown Tab: Michael Siegel: Anti-Defamation League’s statement is ‘woefully inadequate’

10/02 ANCEM: Blue Cross Blue Shield Defies Watertown Town Council Unanimous Call to Cut Ties with Controversial ADL Program
09/28 Boston Globe: Blue Cross resists pressure on ADL
09/25 Jewish Chronicle: In 5768, establishment faced new upstarts

09/24 Boston Globe: Watertown urges Blue Cross to drop support of No Place for Hate
09/24 Watertown Tab: Watertown Town Council implores Blue Cross to cut ties with "No Place for Hate"

09/24 Boston Globe: Letters: On the contrary, group's 'obsession' is very healthy
09/24 Boston Globe: Letter: ADL must make an unequivocal statement

09/25 London Review of Books: After Kemal

09/23 Watertown Tab: Open Letter to Blue Cross Blue Shield
09/23 Watertown Tab: Blog Entry by Editor: "I've learned better since"
09/23 Globe West Update: Blue Cross to discuss support of No Place for Hate tonight
09/22 Boston Globe: Editorial: A good place for Blue Cross
09/21 Boston Globe: Anticipating Crowd

09/18 Newburyport Current: Artist's new film a testament to victims of Armenian genocide
09/16 JTA: In 5768, establishment groups faced challenges by upstarts

09/13 Armenian Weekly: Letter to the Editor by David Boyajian
09/05 Watertown Tab: Letters to the Editor

08/31 Boston Globe: Insurer's support of ADL challenged
08/26 Newton Tab: ADL’s new regional director already facing criticism
08/25 Watertown Tab: ADL: We Do Not Deny Genocide

08/24 Boston Globe: Building Bridges
08/22 ADL Statement: No Place for Hate
08/22 Mirror Spectator: Watertown Sends Letter, Resolution to Blue Cross/Blue Shield

08/21 Needham Times: New boss of local Anti-Defamation League to face issue of Armenian Genocide recognition
08/20 Worcester Telegram: Man with local ties to head ADL
08/20 Jewish Telegraphic Agency: ADL replaces Boston office chief
08/20 Boston Globe: ADL hires director of N.E. office

08/19 Boston Globe: ADL hires replacement for fired leader who broke ranks
08/19 Watertown Tab: Anti-Defamation League touts new statement on Armenian Genocide
08/19 Watertown Tab Blog: If you change your position on the Armenian Genocide and don’t tell anyone, have you changed it?
08/19 Needham Times: Needham man tapped as Anti-Defamation League's new regional director

08/16 Armenian Weekly: Watertown Council Discusses Advocating BCBS Severance Over ADL
08/15 Jewish Advocate: Letter: ADL Has Burned Some Bridges
08/15 Arab American News: Three wrongs make a big mess
08/13 Watertown Tab: Watertown Town Council may ask Blue Cross to sever ties with ‘No Place for Hate’ over Armenian Genocide

08/09 Cape Cod Times: Letter: ADL affiliation defiles any anti-bias program
08/09 Cape Cod Times: Letter
08/09 Cape Cod Times: Letter: ADL stance on Armenians likely related to Palestine
08/02 Cape Cod Times: Bitterness emerges in anti-hate campaigns

07/31 Doxbury Reporter: Letter: Is Duxbury really No Place for Hate?
07/25 Duxbury Reporter: Letter: ADL won’t acknowledge genocide
07/18 ArmeniaNow: Armenians and Anti-Semitism: Criticism, not slander, needed in issue over “cataclysmic” word

07/17 Lexington Minuteman: Commentary: Committee will unite genocide groups in common goal
07/14 israelenews: Abe Foxman: Bigotry is Fine By Me

07/09 Marshfield Mariner: Letter: Marshfield should take different approach
07/09 Marshfield Mariner: Letter: No place for ADL
07/09 Marshfield Mariner: Editorial: Finding solutions
07/08 Marshfield Mariner: Group’s stance on Armenian Genocide questioned

07/07 Jerusalem Post: After meetings in Turkey, Foxman says fallout over 'genocide' flap is 'behind us'
07/07 ADL Press Release: ADL Leaders Discuss Israel-Turkey Relations with Top Government Officials in Ankara
07/04 Turkish Daily News: ADL clears g-word fallout, pushes for ties with Armenia
07/01 Today's Zaman: Foxman Repeats Opposition to Armenian Genocide Resolution

06/23 Raising Sand Radio: Anti-Defamation League Denies Armenian Genocide?
06/19 Mirror Spectator: Editorial: Blue Shield Hiding ADL Support
06/15 Blogian: Famous Genocide Deniers Visit Armenia?
06/13 ArmeniaNow: To What Purpose?: A Visit to Yerevan by the American Jewish Committee

06/03 HateWatch: New Intelligence Report Focuses on Armenian Genocide Deniers
06/01 Southern Poverty Law Center: Editorial: Lying About History
06/01 Southern Poverty Law Center: Intelligence Report: State of Denial

05/29 GazetteNET: Northampton: ADL stance in question as rights debate continues
05/29 Boston Globe: Turkish historian to study genocide
05/19 Jewcy: Spokesman For "The Jewish People" Calls For An End To Jewish Morality
05/17 Armenian Weekly: Boyajian Honored at State House

05/15 Lexington Minuteman: Letter: Thank you for Hashoah service
05/15 The Forward: When Survival of the Jewish People Is at Stake, There’s No Place for Morals
05/13 Watertown Tab: Newton’s David Boyajian recognized for role in countering genocide denial

05/10 MetroWest Daily: Letter: Selling out the Armenians
05/09 Asbarez: Spit-Rain Again
05/08 The Forward: Proposed Olympic Boycott Sparks Debate Among Jewish Groups

05/03 Armenian Weekly: Annual Beacon Hill Commemoration Celebrates ‘No Place for Denial’ Effort
05/03 Armenian Weekly: Boyajian Honored for Bringing ADL Denial to Light
05/02 Somerville News: No more 'No place for hate'
05/01 Arlington Advocate: Open letter to the Arlington Community

04/30 Somerville Journal: Letter: Dear Mayor... thanks
04/30 Watertown Tab: Letter: Stop hypocrisy before you teach human rights

04/26 Armenian Reporter: Needham, a battleground in ADL controversy, receives a lesson on understanding the Armenian Genocide
04/26 Armenian Reporter: Peabody observance honors memories of Torigian and Baronian
04/25 Boston Globe: Mayor cuts ties with No Place for Hate
04/24 Somerville Journal: Somerville drops out of "No Place for Hate" program

04/21 Watertown Tab: Letter: Blue Cross Blue Shield wastes money on discredited NPFH program
04/20 Boston Globe: Watertown center helps survivors tell their stories to following generations
04/19 Armenian Weekly: Foxman: No One Can Dictate to Us What Word to Use

04/18 The Daily Item: Peabody remembers Armenian Genocide
04/16 Needham Times: Needham residents pleased that No Place for Hate co-sponsor pulled out
04/15 Cambridge Chronicle: Letter: Is No Place for Hate program really all it’s cracked up to be?

04/12 ANC-SF: ADL’s Abe Foxman Disputes Criticism on Armenian Genocide Position
04/12 Boston Herald: A Tribute to John Baronian
04/12 Jerusalem Post: An Armenian genocide museum in Washington

04/11 Jewish Advocate: On preventing genocide
04/11 Haaretz: Turkey seeks to block Knesset debate on Armenian genocide

04/09 Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Another Mass. group cuts ADL ties
04/09 Boston Globe: Agency cuts ties with ADL program

04/08 AAA: MMA Cuts Ties with “No Place for Hate” Over Stance on Armenian Genocide
04/08 Watertown Tab: Sponsor leaves “No Place for Hate” over Armenian Genocide
04/08 ANC: Massachusetts Municipal Association Ends Sponsorship of No Place for Hate
04/08 Jewish Advocate: Tarsy set to join Facing History
04/08 Asbarez: Armenian Jewish Community Calls on Israel to Recognize Genocide

04/07 Watertown Tab: Letter: Blue Cross is wrong to support ‘No Place for Hate’
04/06 Boston Globe: Letter

04/05 Armenian Reporter: Andrew Tarsy tells “Why the Term ‘Genocide’ Matters So Much”
04/05 Armenian Weekly: Michigan High Beat: ADL Should Hold Itself to Higher Standard

04/01 Daily News Tribune: Letter: Association asked to denounce genocide denial

03/31 Lexington Minuteman: Commentary: Preventing future genocides

03/29 Armenian Weekly: Tarsy Sets the Record Straight
03/29 Boston Globe: Ex-ADL leader joining Brookline nonprofit

03/27 Peabody Weekly News: Peabody becomes 12th to break from the ADL
03/27 Mass Lawyers Weekly: Tarsy to join 'Facing History'

03/26 Needham Times: Life after Needham's No Place for Hate program ends
03/26 Haaretz: Knesset panel to consider recognition of Armenian genocide
03/26 YNet: Knesset to discuss Armenian genocide

03/25 Asbarez: San Francisco Jewish Organization Supports Genocide Recognition
03/24 Needham Times: Blue Cross has unhealthful relationship with 'No Place for Hate'

03/21 Asbarez: Sassounian: American Jewish Committee Should Dismiss Barry Jacobs
03/21 Boston Globe: In 'Darkness,' dance groups collaborate to explore theme of Armenian genocide

03/20 Watertown Tab: Boyajian: Blue Cross Blue Shield has an unhealthful relationship with ‘No Place for Hate’

03/17 Belmont Citizen-Herald: Letter: No place for No Place for Hate
03/13 Belmont Citizen-Herald: Letter: Unresolved issues around No Place for Hate

03/09 Jewcy: Jews and Armenians discuss genocide denial at UCLA, say stirring things
03/07 Daily Bruin: Fighting the denial of genocide

03/04 NY Sun: Lévy To Speak On Islamism, Genocide
03/03 Blikk Blog: Armenian Genocide Controversy
03/01 Cape Cod Times: Letter: Municipal association reneging on pledge

02/29 Watertown Tab: Letter: State group should cut ties to ‘No Place for Hate’
02/28 The Forward: Interview with Bernard-Henri Lévy: Protecting the Graveless

02/26 Open Letter from the Armenian American Community to the MMA
02/26 ANCEM: Massachusetts Armenian American Community Urges State Agency to End its Endorsement of ADL Program

02/22 Jewcy: American Jewish Committee: First Half of 20th Century Was So Long Ago, Who Knows Whether Genocides Took Place?
02/22 Boston Herald: Tom Lantos passes humanity’s torch

02/19 The Stiletto: Always Remember And Don’t Ever Forget
02/15 Watertown Tab: Letter: Massachusetts Municipal Association did not keep its promise on "No Place for Hate"
02/12 Needham Times: Letter: Why hasn’t municipal association fulfilled its pledge?
02/11 Jewcy: The Stubborn Myth of Jewish Involvement in the Armenian Genocide

02/07 Santa Barbara Independent: Calling for Consistency
02/07 Newburyport Current: City’s tolerance commission moves forward without ADL

02/06 Daily News: City officially parts ways with Anti-Defamation League
02/02 ANCEM: Newburyport Becomes 11th Massachusetts Municipality to End Ties with the ADL
02/01 Watetown Tab: Letters to the Editor

01/31 Santa Barbara Independent: Letter: Inconsistency
01/29 Newton Tab: Letter: Newton should cut ties to MMA
01/25 Haaretz: In praise of the Jewish blogosphere

01/17 Boston Phoenix: Diamonds in the Rough
01/16 Lexington Minuteman: Human rights group gets goals

01/13 Boston Globe: Tragic Bond
01/13 Turkish Daily News: Jewish community supports Turkey

01/12 Zaman: ADL's Foxman reassures Gül on stance against Armenian bill
01/11 Marmara: Foxman Assures Gul that Genocide Bill is not Relevant
01/11 Newstime: President Gul meets Jewish community

01/04 Mirror Spectator: David Boyajian: One Man Makes Difference
01/01 Jewschool: Jewschool's Picks for Best of 2007

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