Boston Globe Coverage

09/24 Boston Globe Editorial: Hardening of the Greenway
09/23 Boston Globe: Devaney presses peer on ADL
09/20 Boston Globe: Town hits ADL stance on genocide
09/19 Boston Globe: Newton to drop out of ADL program
09/18 Boston Globe: Belmont withdraws from ADL program
09/18 Boston Globe: Newton mayor drops NPFH program
09/12 Boston Globe: Newton urged to cut ties to ADL program
09/11 Boston Globe: Plan for Armenian park moves ahead
09/07 Boston Globe: Belmont panel urges selectmen to quit ADL program
09/02 Letters to the Editor
09/01 Editorial: Turkey's historical amnesia
08/30 Jewish, Armenian leaders strive for healing
08/28 ADL reinstates regional leader
08/26 Armenian Campaign Aided by New Forces
08/24 Turkey condemns statement by ADL
08/23 Genocide issue still in flux for ADL
08/23 Genocide debate has local fallout
08/22 For longtime ADL leader, a rare reversal of course
08/22 ADL chief bows to critics
08/21 Anti-Defamation League reverses course, recognizes Armenian genocide
08/21 Jewish groups pressure the ADL
08/21 Truth and the Armenian genocide
08/19 Two Members of regional ADL board quit
08/18 ADL Local Leader Fired on Armenian Issue
08/18 Letter to NE ADL Sent by National ADL
08/18 Editorial: No Synonyms for Genocide
08/18 Op-Ed: A Painful Truth
08/17 Local chapter breaks with ADL position
08/16 Pressure mounting on ADL program
08/14 Town ends ties with No Place for Hate
08/03 Boston Globe Editorial: A Genocide Not To Be Denied
08/01 Antibias effort stirs anger in Watertown