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12/31 Watertown Tab: Year in review: Watertown was a place for champions
12/29 Armenian Weekly: ADL’s Genocide Denial Must Be Challenged
12/29 Armenian Weekly: The ADL and the Armenian Genocide: Chronology of Recent Events
12/28 Jewish Advocate: An invitation to Musa Dagh
12/28 Jewish Advocate: Reflecting on a year gone by
12/26 Needham Times: It was the best of Needham; It was the worst of Needham
12/26 Newton Tab: Top newsmakers of 2007
12/31 Watertown Tab: Year in review: Watertown was a place for champions

12/29 Armenian Weekly: ADL’s Genocide Denial Must Be Challenged
12/29 Armenian Weekly: The ADL and the Armenian Genocide: Chronology of Recent Events

12/28 Jewish Advocate: An invitation to Musa Dagh
12/28 Jewish Advocate: Reflecting on a year gone by

12/26 Needham Times: It was the best of Needham; It was the worst of Needham
12/26 Newton Tab: Top newsmakers of 2007

12/23 New York Times: Op-Art: The Creche
12/23 Jerusalem Post: Armenia optimistic Israel will recognize 'genocide'

12/20 Die Judische: The Jewish Diaspora and Genocide Denial
12/16 Boston Globe: Watertown Briefs: Call to widen ADL rebuke

12/13 ANCEM: Watertown Calls on Massachusetts Municipal Association to Rescind Endorsement of ADL Program
12/13 Jewschool: What Does ADL Stand For?
12/13 Watertown Tab: Council calls on ‘No Place for Hate’ co-sponsor to spurn ADL

12/12 Glendale News Press: Letters to the Editor
12/10 The New Anatolian: Signs of rift between Turkey and Israel?

12/09 Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor
12/08 Armenian Weekly: "Shame on Foxman"
12/07 Armenian Mirror-Spectator: Watertown Town Council Delays Recommendation to MMA on ADL
12/07 Boston Globe: Needham becomes the latest community to suspend ties with the ADL's No Place for Hate program

12/06 Daily Free Press: Armenian students look to recognize genocide
12/06 Watertown Tab: Speakers urge action on Sudan in memory of Armenian Genocide
12/06 Jewish Advocate: Tarsy resignation draws mixed emotions from area colleagues
12/06 Needham Times: Needham suspends ‘No Place for Hate’ program

12/05 Jewlicious: Who’s afraid of Abraham Foxman?
12/05 Needham Times: Letters to the Editor
12/05 Newton Tab: ADL regional director resigns
12/05 JTA: ADL New England director resigns
12/05 Journal Gazette: Regional head of ADL resigns amid genocide rift
12/05 Boston Globe: ADL's regional leader resigns

12/04 Glendale News Press: Nonviolence seminar is off
12/04 Asbarez: Glendale ANC Efforts Prompt GUSD to Postpone ADL Seminar at Hoover
12/03 Asbarez: LA Community Protests ADL National Director's Genocide Denial
12/02 Boston Globe: Town weighs break with ADL program
12/01 Jewcy: Press Advisory: Protest of ADL's "Humanitarian Awards Dinner" in LA

11/30 Jewcy: Are Armenians Angry at Jews?
11/29 Bedford Minuteman: No Place For Hate program suspended
11/29 Bedford Minuteman: Letter: Hate does not take a vacation

11/28 Needham Times: Needham Human Rights sends letter to selectmen
11/28 Needham Times: Letter: Thanks for compassion and courage
11/28 Needham Times: Human Rights committee recommends suspension of ADL programs

11/26 Jerusalem Report: ADL and the Turks
11/25 Boston Globe: Town suspends ties to No Place for Hate
11/25 Boston Globe: Needham: Call to drop program
11/24 Armenian Weekly: ADL’s ‘No Further Action’ Prompts More Towns to Cut Ties

11/22 Lexington Minuteman: Letters: A missed opportunity, ADL agenda confirmed
11/21 Berkley Daily Planet: Fly On a Wall, Annals of Shame
11/21 ANCEM: Several More Massachusetts Communities Withdraw from No Place for Hate Program
11/20 Huffington Post: Secretaries Albright and Cohen Should be Removed from Genocide Task Force

11/18 Jewish Advocate: Letter: Foxman Is Misguided
11/18 Jewish Advocate: ADL gets back to business
11/17 Boston Globe: Greenway park plaque will mention Armenian genocide
11/17 Armenian Weekly: ‘Birds of a Feather’: Messieurs Bush, Erdogan and Foxman
11/17 Armenian Weekly: Public Forum on H.Res.106 and ADL Issue

11/16 Zoryan Institute: Holocaust Education Week Presents Nazi Germany, Armenians and Jews
11/16 Watertown Tab: Letter: Anti-Defamation League has lost credibility
11/16 Needham Times: Needham Human Rights Committee recommends suspension of No Place for Hate
11/16 Jewish Advocate: Boston Jewish leaders included in Forward 50
11/16 Haaretz: Yossi Sarid: The Turkish Alternative

11/15 Needham Times: Anti-Defamation League doesn't budge on Armenian genocide legislation 11/15 Lexington Minuteman: Letter: Foxman isn’t the problem
11/15 Jewcy: The Betrayal of Turkish Jews

11/14 Bedford Minuteman: ADL debate continues

11/13 American Jewish Life: The Day the Holocaust Died

11/13 Medford Transcript: Human Rights Commission removes ADL signs across city
11/13 IHT: Former officials to recommend how U.S. can prevent genocide
11/13 CCR: If Our Friends Do It, It Is Not Genocide
11/13 American Jewish Life: The Day the Holocaust Died

11/12 JPost: Peres, Gul at odds over Iran nuke threat
11/10 Milford Daily News: Anti-Defamation League reaches beyond purpose
11/10 Independent: Robert Fisk: Holocaust denial in the White House

11/09 Jurist: US House must uphold truth and justice with Armenian genocide resolution
11/09 Haaretz: When politics trumps integrity

11/08 Watertown Tab: ADL to take no action on Armenian Genocide
11/08 JTA: ADL calls for town official's resignation
11/08 Jewish Advocate: Jewish leaders hope to leave genocide controversy behind
11/08 Globe West: Community Briefing: Newton No Place for Hate
11/08 Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor

11/07 Video: Rally in front of ADL national headquarters in NYC
11/07 The Daily Forward: Foxman & Tarsy on The Forward 50
11/07 Arlington Advocate: Town confirms decision on No Place for Hate

11/06 Metro West Daily: Letter: Denial of genocide is evil
11/06 Harut Sassounian: Genocide and Holocaust Deniers Must be Condemned, Not Honored

11/05 Jewish Telegraphic Agency: ADL: no further action on genocide
11/04 San Francisco Chronicle: It's time to tell it like it is about Armenian genocide

11/03 Boston Globe: ADL officials say stance clear on genocide
11/03 Armenian Reporter: Editorial: A broken moral compass

11/02 Boston Globe: Local members put pressure on ADL
11/02 Watertown Tab: Letter: Former House Speaker Keverian backs Devaney

11/01 Jewish Advocate: Abe Foxman criticizes local approach on Armenian issue
11/01 Harout Sassounian: Wiesel is Right on Genocide Recognition; Wrong on Armenians’ Quest for Justice
11/01 Haaretz: When Turkey threatens to jump
11/01 Boston Globe: Debate over ADL stance unleashes painful memories

10/31 JTA: Showdown over Armenian genocide question expected at ADL conference
10/31 JPost: Rattling the Cage: Jews of power, Jews of truth

10/30 Jewish Ledger: CCSU prof blasts candidacy of ADL staff person
10/30 Haaretz: Defining breach of trust
10/30 AAA: Diocese of The Armenian Church Sends Letter to ADL Chair
10/29 Slate: Christopher Hitchens: The US should be squeezing Turkey, not the other way around
10/29 Jewish Times: Armenian Groups Slam University For Honoring Ahmadinejad

10/28 Philadelphia Jewish Voice: Interview with Elie Wiesel
10/28 Jewish Telegraphic Agency: Armenian groups slam Ahmadinejad honors
10/28 Christian Science Monitor: 'Genocide' talk tests Israel-Turkey ties

10/27 The Independent: Survivors protest at Israel's stance on Armenian genocide
10/27 Armenian Weekly: Editorial: Ahmadinejad in Armenia

10/26 Watertown Tab: Boyajian: The Greenway is No Place for the Anti-Defamation League
10/26 North Shore: The right time for the wrong decision
10/26 JTA: Q & A with Abraham Foxman

10/25 VIDEO: Bernard-Henri Levy on Armenian Genocide Denial
10/25 NYTimes: Letter: Armenians and Jews
10/25 Jewish Light: Congress Iffy on Genocide Vote
10/25 Jewish Exponent: Turkey's Blame Game
10/25 ANCA: Genocide Resolution Sponsors Announce Revised Timetable for H.Res.106

10/23 Medford Transcript: City recognizes Armenian genocide, suspends ADL membership
10/23 TNR: Forget Turkey
10/23 JPost: Turkey blames US Jews for genocide bill

10/22 Oread: Marchers call on Israel to recognize Armenian Genocide
10/22 NYSun: Backtracking on 'Ally' Turkey Damages Credibility
10/22 JTA: Foxman takes center stage
10/22 JPost: Armenian protesters demand Israel recognize genocide by Turks
10/22 Jewish Times: Armenians Continue To Press Despite ADL's Flip On 'Genocide'

10/21 MetroWest: Experts, survivor explore Armenian genocide
10/21 Boston Globe: After split, town mulls own antibias effort
10/21 Boston Globe: 'No Place for Hate' no longer

10/20 MetroWest: One family scarred by genocide

10/19 New York Times: Armenian Issue Presents a Dilemma for U.S. Jews
10/19 Jewish Chronicle: Turkey lobbies US on Armenian genocide
10/19 Brandeis Hoot: Dial D for Denial
10/19 Armenian Weekly: ADL is Complicit in Genocide Denial

10/18 Bloomberg: Jews Become Targets of Turkey's Anger at U.S. Vote on Armenia
10/18 USNews: An Ugly Truth
10/18 Jewish Exponent: ADL Director Counters Some of the 'Deadliest Lies'
10/18 Haaretz: Courage and history
10/18 Haaretz: Mozart and the Armenian genocide
10/18 Inside Medford: Human Rights Commission Protest Vote Suspends No-Hate Campaign
10/18 Boston Globe: Pressure builds for ADL to yield on genocide issue
10/18 Jewish Advocate: Fallout looms as genocide resolution moves to House
10/18 ANCEM: Three More Massachusetts Towns Break Ties with the ADL
10/18 Time: The U.S. and Turkey: Honesty Is the Best Policy

10/17 Jewish Daily Forward: Turkish Jews Decry Armenian Genocide Bill
10/17 JTA: Armenians push forward with ADL fight

10/16 Arlington Advocate: Selectmen back resolution on No Place for Hate
10/16 Inside Medford: Medford Could be Next to Withdraw from No-Hate Campaign
10/16 Salon: Genocide: An inconvenient truth
10/16 Lexington Minuteman: ADL involvement dropped
10/16 NPFD: Lexington Statement by Helen Epstein
10/16 NPFD: Comments to Lexington Board of Selectmen
10/16 NEWz: Genocide Resolution is about the Victims, not a Country's Denial
10/16 Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor
10/16 Inside Higher Ed: Genocide Deniers

10/15 TDN: Turkey loses Jewish alliance
10/15 EJP: New Israeli ambassador to Turkey on the genocide issue: ‘lobbying has limits’
10/15 Boston Globe: Letters: No more waiting to bear witness to genocide truth
10/15 The Stiletto Blog: People Died And The Bush Administration Lied

10/14 Harvard Crimson: Turkey must acknowledge the crimes of its past
10/14 JPost: Caught between an Armenian anvil and Turkish hammer

10/13 Armenian Weekly: Response to Statement by Andrew H. Tarsy and James L. Rudolph
10/13 LA Times: A quest cuts across the generations
10/13 Boston Herald: For Rep. Markey, Armenian genocide issue hits close to home

10/12 Armenian Weekly: Lessons from the United States Senate 1927
10/12 JTA: Jewish members deliver anguished "yeas"
10/12 The Nation: With Friends Like These...
10/12 Boston Globe: Turkey swift to admonish US over vote
10/12 Haaretz: Yossi Sarid: Today's denial is tomorrow's holocaust
10/12 Online Journal: None dare call it genocide
10/12 JPost: Israel braces as US-Turkey crisis erupts
10/12 Independent: Robert Fisk: A reign of terror which history has chosen to neglect

10/11 Boston Globe: Genocide vote sets a face-off with Bush
10/11 Belmont Herald: Column wrong about Armenian Genocide issue
10/11 Lexington Minuteman: Commentary: A response to ADL’s charges
10/11 Lexington Minuteman: Letters to the Editor
10/11 IHT: Israel expresses concern over Turkish-Armenian massacre dispute
10/11 Haaretz: The road to recognition passes through Jerusalem
10/11 Slate: What Genocide?
10/11 NYTimes: House Panel Raises Furor on Armenian Genocide

10/10 JTA: Seven of eight Jewish members on a U.S. congressional committee voted to recognize the Armenian genocide
10/10 Watertown Blog: House committee approves Armenian genocide recognition bill
10/10 NYTimes: House Panel Votes to Condemn Armenian Killings as Genocide
10/10 Boston Globe: Congressional panel OKs Armenian measure
10/10 Washington Post: Genocide Label for WWI-Era Killings Has House Support

10/09 JPost: House to pass bill on Armenian genocide
10/09 Hurriyet: The Armenian bill: time to trace a new path
10/09 JPost: 'Jewish, Armenian groups defaming us'
10/09 Newton Tab: Letters: 'Do not let the ADL's spin deter you'
10/09 Patriot Ledger: READER’S VIEW: Anti-Defamation League has lost moral authority
10/09 Haaretz: PM tells Turkish FM that Golan will not be on agenda at summit
10/09 Diocese PR: HH Karekin II Prays and Lays Wreath at Holocaust Memorial in Boston

10/08 Lexington Armenian Community Reps: Letter to Lexington NPFH
10/08 JTA: Panel to vote on recognizing Armenian genocide
10/07 AYF PR & Video: AYF and ANC Confront Rep. Jane Harman
10/07 HULIQ: Turkey's evolving denials of the Armenian Genocide

10/06 Zaman: US image to suffer if resolution passes
10/06 Jerusalem Post: Turkish FM to discuss Syria in J'lem:
10/06 IHT: Turkey, Bush administration work to stop passage of congressional resolution on Armenian genocide
10/06 ANC & AA: Response to Statement by Tarsy and Rudolph

10/05 CQ: Turkey Hires Familiar Faces for Genocide Debate
10/05 Armenian Weekly: Will it Still Be (Turkish) Business as Usual for Foxman?
10/04 Lexington Minuteman: Group holds closed-door meeting to discuss ADL involvement
10/04 Letter of Support by National Office of Jewish Voice for Peace
10/03 Scituate Mariner: Selectmen to consider leaving ADL program
10/03 Jewcy: Paul Revere is rolling in his grave
10/02 Newton Tab: Andrew Tarsy: Critics are going too far
10/02 Boston Globe: At least they had a plan

10/01 Letter of Complaint to Lexington Selectmen: NPFH Committee Holds Closed-Door Meeting, Excludes Residents
10/01 ANCEM: Lexington NPFH Committee Shows Bad Faith

09/30 Belmont Citizen-Herald: The jurisdictional bushwhack
09/29 JPost: Turkish PM: There was no Armenian genocide

09/28 Zaman: Foxman: US Congress can’t debate ‘genocide’
09/28 Watertown Tab: Former ‘No Place for Hate’ group urges ADL to change views on Armenian genocide
09/28 Turkish Daily News: Erdoğan asks for support from the Jewish Lobby
09/28 Bedford Minuteman: Letters to the Editor

09/27 NTV-MSNBC: Turkish PM meets representatives of US Jewish community
09/27 Lexington Minuteman: Town must break from the ADL
09/27 Lexington Minuteman: Group not ready to sever ADL ties
09/27 Letter to Foxman by Watertown's Former NPFH
09/27 Jewish Voice for Peace Letter to MA-HRRC
09/27 Jewish Advocate: Khatchig Mouradian: What would Lemkin do?

09/26 Patriot Ledger: Scituate No-Hate Program May Be Dropped
09/25 Needham Times: Armenians walk out on Human Rights Committee

09/24 EREN: The Draft Bills Before Congress
09/24 Boston Globe Editorial: Hardening of the Greenway
09/23 Boston Globe: Devaney presses peer on ADL
09/22 Turkish Weekly: Babacan: PKK and Armenian resolution pose danger to Turkish-US ties
09/22 Armenian Weekly: Belmont and Newton Sever Ties With ADL

09/21 Watertown Tab: Letter: MMA Should Have Cut Ties to ADL Immediately
09/21 Watertown Tab: Letter: Devaney to Host Public Meeting on ADL Thursday
09/21 Lexington Minuteman: ADL issue to go before selectmen Monday
09/21 JTA: Fourth Mass. town breaks with ADL
09/21 ANCEM: Newton, Massachusetts is No Place for Denial

09/20 The Jewish Week: Turkey Must Acknowledge Its Past
09/20 Needham Times: Selectmen back Human Rights Committee's letter to ADL
09/20 Lexington Minuteman: No Place for Hate breaks its silence Friday
09/20 Lexington Minuteman: Editorial: What do we lose by leaving the ADL?
09/20 Lexington Minuteman: Commentary: No place for genocide denial
09/20 Boston Globe: Town hits ADL stance on genocide
09/20 Arlinton Advocate: Role player
09/20 Arlington Advocate: Group opposes ADL involvement

09/19 Newton Tab: Survivor wants to forget Armenian genocide
09/19 NECN Video: Newton Cuts Ties with ADL
09/19 Boston Globe: Newton to drop out of ADL program
09/19 Bedford Minuteman: Selectmen hear Armenian issue

09/18 ANCEM: Town of Belmont Unanimously Votes to Sever Ties with ADL
09/18 Belmont Citizen-Herald: Belmont out of ADL program
09/18 Boston Globe: Belmont withdraws from ADL program
09/18 Boston Globe: Newton mayor drops NPFH program
09/18 Newton Tab: No place for ADL in Newton
09/18 The Enterprise: Affirmative Action Committee Issues Statement On Armenian Genocide

09/16 Boston Globe: Devaney fastens on to genocide debate
09/14 BloggerNews: Carrying the Torch for the 'Genocide Olympics'
09/14 Armenian Weekly: Tantamount to the Holocaust?
09/14 Armenian Weekly: Henry Theriault's Letter to the Newton HRC
09/14 Armenian Weekly: Abe Foxman Defies His Own Advice

Watertown Tab: MMA calls on ADL to recognize genocide
Needham Hometown Weekly: No Place for Progress
Bedford Minuteman: Armenian group opposes ADL stance
Armenian Weekly: Newton HRC Ceases Participation in NPFH

West Coast Orgs Urge ADL to End Opposition to HR106 Jews Face the Armenian Genocide
Newton Tab: The Man behind the Movement
Newton Tab: Commission votes to end ADL relationship
Needham Times: Sticking to a mission, even when others don’t
Needham Times: Needham takes stand against Anti Defamation League positions
Jewish Advocate: Editorial: Finding friends in the New Year
Forward: ADL Still in Hot Water (scroll down)
Boston Globe: Newton urged to cut ties to ADL program
ANCEM: Newton HRC Ceases Participation in ADL Program

Boston Globe: Plan for Armenian park moves ahead
Haaretz: The year assimilation took a backseat
Jewish Advocate: Armenian and Jewish groups join together
JPost: Analysis: 'Talking Turkish' with the Syrians
NewtonTab: No Place for Undeserved Credit
H2Otown: 2nd act in No Place for Hate controversy?
Cilicia: Boston Armenians Bringing the Heat Against the ADL

Full Text of Jewish Community of Armenia Statement
PanARMENIAN: Jewish community of Armenia calls on ADL

JPost Blog: Explaining the Armenian genocide controversy by Abraham Foxman
JPost: Debating anti-Semitism
JTA: Armenian Jews Call Out ADL

Armenian Weekly: Open Letter to Foxman
North Shore Sunday: Massacre or genocide? ADL controversy renews war over words

AN INTERFAITH VIEW: ADL’s genocide denial is reprehensible
Belmont Citizen: Commission advises Selectmen to pull out of NPFH Program
Boston Globe: Belmont panel urges selectmen to quit ADL program
JTA: Third town severs ties with ADL
New Anatolian: Sensoy: We expect Jewish institutions in US to help Turkey in the Congress
TDN: Turkey can become even colder about U.S. if genocide recognized

American Prospect: The Israeli Government's Genocide Politics
Bedford Minuteman: Armenian group urges No Place For Hate action
Framingham Tab: A place where people feel comfortable
FrontPageMag: Turkish Jew-Hate
Jewish Advocate: Foxman was right the first time
JTA Breaking News: Groups backing Armenian genocide resolution
JTW: Israel’s Approach to the Armenian Allegations
Needham Times: Needham to remain No Place for Hate town

The Jewish Advocate: Turkey's response to ADL controversy
Zaman: For Turkey, ‘embracing’ a small neighbor should not be so difficult

Jewcy: How the ADL and Its Defenders Get Realpolitik Wrong
Armenian Weekly: Bedford Violence Prevention Coalition Demands Explanation from ADL
Turkish Weekly: Time to say new things on the ‘genocide’ issue
FrontPage Magazine: Abe Foxman’s Fear

Zaman: Turkey’s relations hostage to Armenian issue
Le Figaro: Le génocide arménien, un tabou israélien
TDN: Why Turkish-Americans are losing the battle?
Zaman: Is there life after the Armenian resolution?

JPost: Boston Armenians: ADL guilty of genocide denial
Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor


Needham Times: Local Armenians ask Needham to sever ties with ADL program
Zaman: Peres: Gül epitome of contemporary man
Boston Globe Editorial: Turkey's historical amnesia
Armenian Weekly: Turkey: The 'Pinocchio' of Anatolia

Armenian Weekly: Armenian and Jewish Communities Demonstrate Solidarity
Daily Mail: The Armenian massacre that inspired Hitler
Zaman: Şensoy warns Israel could be hurt by genocide debate
Watertown Tab: Watertown leaders look for more from Anti-Defamation League
The Jewish Week: Genocide: Take a Side
JPost: Fighting the good fight
Jewish Journal: We should speak out for HR 106
Jewish Journal: ADL's decision doesn't go far enough
Salem News: Our view: Armenian genocide deserves formal recognition
Newburyport: Port commission takes right course in challenging ADL

Jewish Advocate: Fallout from ADL's position elicits international response
The Beacon: Local group weighs ADL move
ANC of Canada: Turkey Pressures Israel
Boston Globe: Jewish, Armenian leaders strive for healing
Needham Times: Is Needham still No Place For Hate?
Harut Sassounian: ADL's Domino Effect

Forward: Armenian Genocide Crisis Tests Tight Ties Between Turkey and Israel
JPost: ADL's Boston director rehired after dispute
JPost: Facing up to the past
Turkish Daily News: US Jewish group sticks to 'Armenian genocide' recognition
Yediot Ahronot: Testing Israel's Diplomacy

Zaman: Turkey expects ‘rectification’ as ADL insists on ‘genocide’ label
Newburyport: Commission considers leaving over Armenian genocide view
Forward: Of Genocide and Morality
Zaman: The power of NGOs

Boston Globe: ADL reinstates regional leader
NY Sun: Moral of the Armenian Genocide

CounterPunch: Foxman's Genocide Denial Roadshow (Part 2)
JPost: Israel must get US Jews to back down
New England Newz: On ADL with four members of Armenian and Jewish Media
Armenian Weekly: Turkey Would Not Be Accepted in the EU if It Touches Even One Jew
Newburyport News: City Could Have Impact on Genocide Controversy
Zaman: Time to say new things on the ‘genocide’ issue
Watertown Tab: Letters to the Editor

Haaretz: Peres to Turks: Our stance on Armenian issue hasn't changed
Boston Globe: Armenian Campaign Aided by New Forces
American Chronicle: Will Watertown, MA Uproar Bring Abe Foxman Down?
Bianet: ADL Retracted Genocide Recognition
American Thinker: Congress Must Recognize the Armenian Genocide

Zaman: Turkish Press Review
Armenian Reporter: ADL affirms Armenian Genocide
Armenian Weekly: ADL Recognizes Armenian Genocide; Remains Opposed to Resolution
EJP: US Jewish group retracts stance on Armenian genocide
Jewish Journal: North Shore Leaders Weigh In on ADL
The Independent: Top US Jewish group recognises genocide
Turkish Daily News: Call by Peres softens ADL's stance
Worcester Telegram: Genocide is silent no more
Zaman: ADL corrects ‘genocide’ mistake in letter, Erdoğan says
Armenian Weekly: The ADL Must Decide: Will they Serve the Truth or Will They Serve Turkey?
Peter Balakian: The Anti-Defamation League and the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Weekly: Genocide and Holocaust Scholars Criticize ADL
Boston Globe: Turkey condemns statement by ADL
Haaretz: Turkey presses Israel over ADL's recognition of 'Armenian genocide'
TDN: Armenians pressure US Jewish groups on genocide claim
TDN: Turkey looks to Israel to influence Jewish lobby
Zaman: Turkey, Israel in bid to contain damage after ADL move
Armenian Reporter: ADL affirms Armenian Genocide
Zaman: Time for a plan B over ‘genocide’
Haaretz: The politics of hypocrisy
Wellesley Townsman: Editorial: This really is no place for hate

Armenian Weekly: Newton HRC Sends Strong Message to ADL
Belmont Herald: Belmont still ‘No Place for Hate’
Boston Globe: Genocide debate has local fallout
Boston Globe: Genocide issue still in flux for ADL
Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor
Jerusalem Post: Turkish envoy returns to deal with ADL
Jewish Advocate: Regional Board urges ADL National to reinstate Tarsy
JPost: ADL to reconsider its opposition to Armenian genocide bill
LA Times: Major Jewish group recognizes Armenian genocide
TDN: Major US Jewish group recognizes 'Armenian genocide'
TDN: Turkey will try to win back the hearts of the American Jewish community
Watertown Tab: One Watertown family remembers the Armenian Genocide
Watertown Tab: Watertown’s stand on ‘No Place for Hate’ sparks national effects
Zaman: Turkey's Jews disavow ‘genocide' move
JPost: Diplomacy: The politics of principles
Boston Herald: Looking forward to heal old wounds
Jewish Advocate Editorial: The ADL and history

Arlington Advocate: Arlington pulls out of No Place for Hate
Boston Globe: ADL chief bows to critics
Boston Globe: For longtime ADL leader, a rare reversal of course
Boston Globe: Regional ADL votes to reinstate fired leader
Boston Herald: National ADL reverses stand; calls Armenian massacre ’genocide’
Counterpunch: Abe Foxman's Genocide Denial Road Show
Forward: Armenian Genocide Debate Exposes Rifts at ADL
Haaretz: Under pressure, ADL admits: Turks' Armenian massacre was genocide
Jerusalem Post: Foxman: Armenian massacre was genocide
JTA: Conference of Presidents considering genocide resolution
Lexington Minuteman: Anti-Defamation League urged to reconsider stance
Lowell Sun: For some, ADL's reversal on Armenian genocide falls short
Newton Tab: Send a message to the ADL
Newton Tab: TAB Editorial: No place for politics
Worcester Telegram: Editorial: Parsing Genocide

ADL Statement on the Armenian Genocide
AJC:Truth and Consequences: Armenians, Turks and Jews
Boston Globe: Anti-Defamation League reverses course, recognizes Armenian genocide
Boston Globe: Jewish groups pressure the ADL
Gloucester Times: Armenian genocide? ADL debate hitting home
Haaretz: ADL says Turkish massacre of Armenians was a 'genocide'
ITH: Jewish group in U.S. reverses stand; calls Armenian massacre "genocide"
JTA: Under fire, ADL recognizes Armenian killings as genocide
Lowell Sun: Genocide denial 'reprehensible'
Watertown Tab: Newton considers severing ADL ties
WBUR: National ADL changes stance on Genocide
Worcester Telegram: ADL’s ax sharpened genocide dispute
Ynet: Jewish organization makes dramatic U-turn
Boston Globe: Truth and the Armenian genocide
Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor
Harut Sassounian: Righteous Jews, Armenians, and Others Demand ADL Director's Resignation
Salem News: Armenian genocide? ADL debate hitting home

CJP: Community Statement on Armenian Genocide
Jewish Advocate: Letters to the Editor

Boston Globe: 2 members of regional ADL board quit
Metro West News: Independence needed to define 'hate'
Boston Herald: Watertown remembers what the ADL chooses to forget

AP: Regional director of U.S. Jewish group fired over comments on Armenian massacres
Boston Globe: Editorial: No synonyms for genocide
Boston Globe: Letter to NE ADL Sent by National ADL
Armenian Reporter: Community challenges Anti-Defamation League’s hypocrisy
Jewish Magazine Calls for Apology From Anti-Defamation League Leader

Jewish Advocate: ADL’s Faustian bargain tactics?
Boston Globe: Local chapter breaks with ADL position
NECN: TV Coverage of New England ADL Controversy
Arligton Advocate: Letter to the Editor

Boston Globe: Pressure mounting on ADL program
Watertown Tab: Will 'Hate' debate spread?
Watertown Tab: Letter to the Editor
Armenian Weekly: Watertown Ends Partnership With “No Place For Hate”

Jewish Advocate: Letters to the Editor

Providence Journal: The perversity of denying genocide
The Forward: On Armenian Genocide, Politics Trumps Truth

Boston Globe: Town ends ties with No Place for Hate
Watertown Tab: "No Place for Hate" thrown out of Watertown

Boston Globe: Letter to the Editor

Watertown Tab: Editorial & Letters to the Editor

Jewish Advocate: ADL uproar in Watertown
Watertown Tab: Genocide stance clouds future of NPFH program

Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor

JTA: Armenians in Mass. town slam ADL over denial

Milford Daily News: Rethink the Armenian Genocide
Boston Globe: Letters to the Editor

Boston Globe Editorial: A Genocide Not To Be Denied
Watertown Tab: Letter by ANCEM: Foxman links a noble group with genocide denial

Watertown Tab: ‘No Place for Lies,’ either!

Boston Globe: Antibias effort stirs anger in Watertown

Hartford Courant: Armenian Genocide Pawn in Political Maneuvres

Watertown Tab:‘No Place for Counterfeit Tolerance’
Watertown Tab: Letters to the Editor

Watertown Tab Editorial: Watertown should keep ‘No Place for Hate’
Watetown Tab: Letters to the Editor

Watertown Tab: David Boyajian's Letter